Coláiste Eoin Finglas

Transition Year (TY)

Transition Year 2020 - 2021


With the Covid 19 situation and the lock-down we had little opportunity this school year to go on educational outings. However, during the brief respite from September to December, we visited the Botanic Gardens for a tour on Interdependence, sustainability and economic plants. This is part of our Horticulture programme and was very important in understanding how our world is so dependent on all life forms.

Shortly afterwards we had an interesting visit to Dublin Zoo, where we learned of the fantastic work which they carry out for endangered species, ensuring the survival of threatened creatures whose habitats are diminishing through the actions of mankind in the name of progress. Our poly tunnel has a crop of tomatoes, pak choi, spinach, potatoes, strawberries and we should yield a plentiful supply of greens for next September. Thanks to Ms O'Callaghan, the TY students had an opportunity in the last term to take part in a cooking module.

Business Bootcamp

Due to Covid 19 and lock-down the Business Bootcamp ran into difficulties with no opportunity to sell the many products we developed, but the experience was of great value and a great outlet for creativity. Hopefully next year things will be back to normal and we will be able to showcase our products again.

Green schools

As usual, our Green School’s committee has worked tirelessly to make Coláiste Eoin a greener place. From collecting litter to continuing with our recycling system within the school, our committee left no stone unturned in reducing our carbon footprint. Although our work was cut short this year, I would like to say a big thank you to all involved in helping to make the school a healthier place, one reusable bottle at a time.

- Mr K Ryan.

TY Adventure sports

In a year that has been dominated by rules, restrictions, constraints and closures one would be forgiven for thinking that it would be impossible to run an Adventure sports module. However, where there is a will, there is a way, and this years TY group certainly demonstrated this. Battling against an ever changing landscape of constraints, the students managed to experience a variety of Outdoor activities including; Kayaking, Hiking, Orienteering, Survival Skills, Mountain Climbing, and some rock climbing.

The course gives students the opportunities to try out new sports and activities outside the realm of the PE class, and to give them the basic skills needed to go on and participate in the sport. Although some of the activities may seem challenging and even scary at first, over the course of the programme the students develop their skills working towards a Level 1 National Certificate in the respective disciplines. Although the students did not get the chance to go on the ever-popular overnight camping trips, it is hoped that they may be able complete these parts of the course in the not too distant future. Massive thanks must go to Eoin, Aine, Ronan, Gary and all in the CDU, as well as Mr Beehan and all the teachers for managing to keep the show on the road.

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My Transition Year Experience

My name is Jack Mooney and I have just finished 4th year (aka Transition year). I know that a lot of  you that read this article will know me because I have talked to a lot of you and if you don’t know me, I just want to say Hi. During my time in TY, I spent a week doing  online  work experience at DCU in biology. I learned what it is like to take a typical college class. Over the course of the week, we learned about the vascular system in the body and how it is connected to all the diseases in the body.

The tutors told me about the variety of clubs and activities in DCU that students can take part in. Additionally, we were also able to talk to students in DCU and their experiences of college life so far. One of the students told us how she made friends,while another spoke about his Dyslexia and explained how he found it difficult at first to learn but in the end, he and the college worked together to find a way to help him learn.

For a long time, I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I leave Coláiste Eoin. I wasn't sure  what course I wanted to do, what college I wanted to go to or what job I want to do. Attending the online course gave me a good insight into college life and helped me decide that I want to study biology in DCU. I want to say thanks to Mr. Gaffney (my science teacher), Nicola (SNA), Mr Beehan (class tutor) and Ms. Uzell (my guidance teacher) for their support and guidance.

For me personally, TY was a great programme where you can go on nature walks through forests and hike up mountains. Go camping and cook food by campfire, experience  kayaking, Driver Ed, Barista courses and so much more. Ty is like everything in life, the more you put into something the more benefits and rewards you will get. Transition Year isn’t just about hiking, Outdoor Ed and trips. It's also about workshops and courses, and learning new skills without relying too much on your teachers.Do keep in mind though that the workshops in TY change every year, so you never know what to expect, or what the next challenge will be. 

 If you ask me what I liked most about TY, it was the Outdoor Ed and espeically the nature walks. We got to get away from the city and enjoy the peace from the forest walks and the hiking up the mountains, we also got some amazing views of Dublin. Would I recommend TY? The answer would be YES.  The reason being it can make you more mature and more independent as a person. I will leave off with a message for the students in 3rd year, if you think that TY is a "doss" year where you do no work and "doss" around, you are wrong, because TY is an amazing experience and will be one of my best memories from school. Transition Year gives you the chance to do so many activities you wouldn't normally do and can make you prepared for the adult world ahead of you. 

- Jack Mooney (Transition Year 2020/2021)
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Work Experience

I was lucky to get a weeks work experience in Clearwater Allcare Pharmacy. It was very lively in the pharmacy in the afternoon and quieted down during the evening. I helped the team stack shelves of medicine and products to put out on display. I was also on the till to see what it was like to work with customers. Overall the experience was great. Despite the restrictions caused by Covid 19 I still managed to take part in an on-line law course, the "Look into Law TY programme" with The Bar of Ireland. In this course I learned about the beginning of a Barrister’s career, Criminal Law, Civil Law and preparing for a trial. It was very interesting and I had fun, even though we had to do it online and usually it’s an in-person experience. I found everything was well done. I would recommend that if other students get the opportunity they should definitely attend this course.

- Mya O'Gorman Bather