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Moving From Primary into Secondary School

The move from Primary to Secondary School is a big step, and can often be a source of anxiety, for both students and their parents. For students it can be very scary making the transition, as they go from being the oldest students in primary, to being the youngest in a much larger secondary school. With your support and that of their teachers, they will find their way, however here are some small tips that can help make the transition process a bit smoother.

- Label Everything: From jumpers to copies, books to lunch boxes students have a lot of things to stay on top of. Make sure that everything has your child's name printed on it, so that when something inevitably goes missing it can be returned to it's rightful owner.

- Help them get organised: Most students will come to Secondary school having had the same teacher every day for every class. Students will now have different teachers for each subject and most likely have to change classrooms for each class. Take some time to go through your child's timetable, and help them colour code subjects so that at a quick glance, they can see what their afternoon or next day will be like. The more organised they are when it comes to their classes, books etc.. the easier the transition to Secondary School will be.

-Check in with Homework:First Year students will usually have around 10 different subjects, each with different challenges and demands. Homework helps to act as a bridge between the work of one day and the next day, as well as reinforcing what was discussed in a particular lesson. You should encourage them to start their homework soon after they come home from school, and make this the routine. Many students will wait until they get home to ask their parents questions about their homework, as they assume their parents will know the answers. However, in many cases students may be studying subjects that their parents have no experience of, so encourage your child to ask questions in class. Teachers are more than happy to explain what is required for homework, even if this means staying back for 2 minutes after class. For more info regarding homework, check our Homework Policy page.

- Make sure they're well rested:It is very common for students to be exhausted in the first few weeks of secondary school, so ensure your child is getting enough sleep each night. It can be hard enough to get out of bed and off to school in the mornings, so make it easier on yourself and your child by making sure they're well rested.

- Encourage them to get involved: One of the biggest causes of anxiety during the move to secondary school is the parting ways from their old primary friends and the fear of isolation. Even if their friends do go to the same school, they may be in different classes or have different timetables, which can cause some students be feel lovely. Encourage your child to get involved in as many curricular activities as possible. These activites are a great way to meet up with old and new friends, helps them to feel a part of the school community, as well as getting to know their teachers outside of the classroom. Studies show that students who are actively involved in sport and extra-curricular activities do better academically and help with the overall development of the individual.

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