Peer to Peer Drug Education

Our 5th year students are trained to act as assistants to the facilitators of a Drug Education Programme

The Peer to Peer Drugs Education Programme is run in conjunction with the Home School Community Liaison scheme and the secondary schools in Finglas. The programme is designed to train 5th year students to act as assistants to the facilitators of a drug education programme. The facilitator and the trained assistants will deliver the programme to 1st year pupils after the completion of the training course.

The training course took place on Wednesday afternoons. Throughout the programme students acquire a huge amount of knowledge about drugs and their effects; they developed listening and facilitation skills and a wide range of skills that will allow them to work effectively with groups.

 Three students from Coláiste Eoin successfully completed the course and delivered the programme to first year students.

 Yasmine Gilmartin, Sarah Ellis and Sean Kenny.