Neven Maguire Visits Coláiste Eoin.

Read about Neven Maguire's Visit to Coláiste Eoin.
Wed, 27/01/2010 - Fri, 29/01/2010

Neven Maguire the renowned chef visited Coláiste Eoin and talked to the Junior and Leaving Certificate students.

Neven runs an extremely successful resteraunt and bed and breakfast in Blacklion Co.Cavan. Despite the recession his restaurant is flourishing and continuing to attract cliental from all over. In fact you have to book several months in advance to secure a table! The secret to success is cooking home grown produce, listening to your customers and giving them what they want.

Neven told students that from a very early age he loved cooking and wanted to be a chef! In fact he was the only boy in his school that did home economics. From school he went on to college to train and then worked in various restaurants in different parts of the world. He acknowledges that he has been very lucky to have worked and trained with many chefs. He now provides opportunities for young students and chefs to work with him and his team in Blacklion.

During a question and answer session students had an opportunity to pick his brains about food, cooking and training. When asked what advice he would give to students about  their practical Home Economic exams he said he would give them the same advise he would give to his chefs entering competitions – be prepared, know what you are about and practice cooking your dish. 

Neven was an inspiration to many students and hopefully a few will one day be up and coming chef’s and work with Neven!