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Music Department

Music Department


Music is divided into three components: listening, composing and performing.

A common misconception relating to this subject is that students need to have an instrument outside of school. This is not the case.

All students will be given the opportunity to learn an instrument in class that they can use for their Junior Certificate Practical.


Students learn the Ukulele from first year onwards. They learn the notes of the treble clef and how to play them. By the end of first year, students can play tunes individually as well as in small groups. Singing as a class group is also a useful tool for learning.

Students are encouraged to get involved in the many extra-curricular activities that take place throughout the year to help build their musicianship and performing skills.


Students learn how to write short melodies using notation and technology. They learn about chords, triads and at higher level are introduced to elementary harmony.


Students will be involved in responding, in musically perceptive ways to songs and works. They will be exposed to a variety of music from many genres such as popular, jazz, classical and contemporary to name but a few. In the course of their study, students acquire sufficient knowledge and experience of staff notation and aural training to be able to perceive and illustrate the relationship between sounds heard and the appropriate musical symbols.



Leaving Certificate music aims to cultivate music and develop an informed interest in music and the enjoyment of music making. This is achieved by build on the learning from Junior Cycle, and further developing students performing, composing and listening skills.

The syllabus is designed to provide a general education in music for all students, whether they proceed to further study or a career in music.

The Performing element of the course makes up 50% of the overall grade for music, and allows students to express their creativity through their performances. Students can be assessed using classroom based instruments such as the ukulele or recorder, or an instrument learned outside of school.



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